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Chopper’s Western Luggage Company

Western Luggage

Chopper has started a Western Luggage company called Cowboy Luggage Company, an extension of his other endeavors into the Old West – Chronicle of the Old West newspaper (of which he was editor), Dog Jake Western Store (co-owner) and Chronicle of the Old West radio (Producer). In a recent post, Mather Louth wrote a review of this venture:

In our previous two-part blog, we delved into the fascinating realm of gothic westernwear and provided guidance to both men and women as to how to create a head-to-toe ensemble. As a reminder, accessories play a key role in creating a complete and striking look, with hand-tooled leather Western luggage serving as a particularly excellent stylistic choice that is at once classic as it is modern. But, what’s a western goth to do when preparing for a stagecoach jaunt across the high desert plains?   

Western Luggage and BriefcasesEnter the gorgeously handcrafted designs of  Cowboy Luggage Western luggage and briefcases. Of course, for those that wish to stay true to the gothic “all black everything” mantra, Cowboy Luggage also provides their designs in a rich shade of jet black.

Rugged and yet refined thanks to the hand-tooled Mexican leather, Cowboy Luggage’s line is unisex and utilitarian, with many of the designs featuring Western-styled silver buckles that add a chic sense of coordination with one’s existing collection of silver gothic western jewelry. As a nod to the Victorian era, the Cowboy Luggage line also features an understated paisley lining inside its bags, adding a decidedly vintage touch (without the wear-and-tear challenges that can arise from using a vintage bag on a daily basis.

Western Luggage and Briefcases To get that “freshly robbed bank” chic, may we suggest the Cowboy Luggage’s valise with false bottom – the bag’s silhouette calls to mind the classic Victorian doctor’s bags of days past, and features a false bottom (perfect for stowing your illicitly earned loot.) Or, since we discussed the importance of the perfect pair of boots to complete a gothic western ensemble, Cowboy Luggage also offers a valise boot bag specially designed to protect your footwear investment for years to come. And of course, there is also a full-sized garment bag for toting the rest of your prized gothic western ensemble. For those of you that crave convenience in mobility, Cowboy Luggage also features a roller carry-on with a retractable handle that has recently been redesigned for added durability.

Western Luggage and BriefcasesAs always, we encourage you to experiment and develop your individual gothic western style, and hope that these Cowboy Luggage pieces will help to complete your look as you take to the trails.