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Heathen Apostles in Gothic Western Art Show

The Gothic Western art show “Dead End Trail”  is opening June 3rd 6-10 PM at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California. It will contain new paintings by Sean Cheetham, Kate Zambrano, Sonya Palencia and Jeff Nentrup. The Gothic Western gallery will feature two extraordinary oil paintings of Mather Louth and Chopper Franklin of the […]

Chopper’s Western Luggage Company
Western Luggage

Chopper has started a Western Luggage company called Cowboy Luggage Company, an extension of his other endeavors into the Old West – Chronicle of the Old West newspaper (of which he was editor), Dog Jake Western Store (co-owner) and Chronicle of the Old West radio (Producer). In a recent post, Mather Louth wrote a review […]

Album Review of Gothic Western Band Heathen Apostles

The Los Angeles-based dark roots and gothic Western band Heathen Apostles continue their (very dark) interpretation of Bluegrass, Country and Blues. They have just compiled Volumes 3 and 4 of their collection of songs together under the title Bloodgrass.  Occasionally I’ll start a review along the lines of “not technically not a Celtic-Punk band” which usually […]

Heathen Apostles’ Gothic Western Stampede Continues In Europe

The Heathen Apostles’ Gothic Western stampede is continuing through Europe, tomorrow marks the halfway point of the 18-shows-in-18-days tour. They have hot-off-the-press vinyl copies of their last full length album Dust To Dust (out now on Urgense Disk Records in Geneva), and they are supporting their latest release, the Bloodgrass Vol. 3 EP (out now […]

Chopper Franklin To Score Gothic Western Series

Chopper Franklin has been hired to compose music for the animated Gothic Western series The Goodbye Family. The Goodbye Family is the creation of Lorin Morgan-Richards, who has adapted the series from his comic collection of the same name that he began in 2017. Chopper’s Heathen Apostles had recently collaborated with Richards on the series […]