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Doghouse Lords New Website Is Live

The Doghouse Lords (Chopper, Javier Matos, John Bazz and Bill Bateman) have a remodeled website and it is now live. Check it out and pick up a copy of their debut cd “Diggin’ at the Doghouse”. They also have a new release coming this Summer on Ratchet Blade Records. Click here to visit:

“Dark Was The Night” Video in Pre-Production

The Heathen Apostles are preparing to enter pre-production for the second video from their upcoming EP (due Spring 2013 on Ratchet Blade Records). Directing the video will be Victoria Vengeance from a storyline she created.

Victoria Vengeance and husband filmmaker Gris Grimly

Victoria Vengeance and husband filmmaker Gris Grimly

Nikki Hill at Viva Las Vegas

Nikki Hill Band










Nikki Hill’s set at Viva Las Vegas with Chopper on bass was a smashing success, she received two well deserved encores and was the hit of the weekend. You can get more info on her at Here’s a fan video from the set:

“The Reckoning” Video Debuts Online

Chopper’s latest band the Heathen Apostles’ debut video ‘The Reckoning” is up and online, “The Reckoning” will be on the upcoming EP on Ratchet Blade Records, due out Spring 2013. The video was directed by the band and features legendary photographer Edward Colver as the Demonic Preacher: is Now Live & Get a Free Download!

The Heathen Apostles website is now up and features a limited time free download of their first single “Dark Was The Night”. It also has photo galleries featuring work by Riley Kern, Mila Reynaud and Edward Colver as well as news on their debut recordings and video. Click the link below to visit:

Heathen Apostles Shooting Debut Music Video

The Heathen Apostles are currently shooting the video for “The Reckoning”, off of their soon to be released debut record. It features photography legend Edward Colver as a demonic preacher and will come out in Spring of 2013. Check back for more info on the video’s release as well as the release of their debut EP, and for news on the launch of their website Below are some screen captures of the raw footage.

Heathen Apostles Currently Recording Debut

Chopper has teamed with vocalist extraordinaire Mather Louth to form his latest project the Heathen Apostles, and they are joined by bassist Thomas Lorioux and some very special guests in the studio writing and recording their debut, tentatively scheduled for a spring 2013 release. For more info on Mather visit her website by clicking HERE.

Mather Louth

Doghouse Lords on AMC’s “Breaking Bad”

The production team for AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad” chose the Doghouse Lords’ song “Gambler’s Guts” for episode #503 “Hazard Pay”. We feel the fact that the song was playing during a prison scene is irrelevant…

Doghouse Lords



Wanda Jackson Performs for Hurricane Sandy Relief

On Saturday November 30th Chopper backed Wanda Jackson as she performed on KUT radio in Austin, Texas to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. Also in the band were Danny B. Harvey on guitar, Tom Lewis on drums and Damian O’Grady on piano. The appearance was filmed, here’s Riot in Cell Block #9:

Chopper in Shattered Platter Feature

Chopper did a piece for the vinyl record website Shattered Platter where he recommends lps, turntables, speakers and booze:

Scott “Chopper” Franklin (The Cramps/Wanda Jackson/ Charley Horse/The Mau Maus) gives suggestions for blues & roots music to check out.

Low Estate 16 Horsepower

All of 16 HPs records are on heavy rotation around here, but Low Estate gets the most spins. If a Faulkner reading ever needed a backing track this would get the call. You’ll think you’re listening to the Devil hisself, but when you find out singer David Eugene Edwards is actually deeply religious, you’ll be even more intrigued.

Blues Classics by Memphis Minnie

In my latest project the Heathen Apostles we are doing Black Rat Swing, and ever since pulling out and listening to this record to learn it, I haven’t been able to stop. Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey may have gotten all the accolades, but Minnie is the real deal. This is a great cross-section of her best sides from the 1920’s to the late 1940’s.

Red of Tooth and Claw Murder By Death

When I first put this record on I thought I was hearing the soundtrack to Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, and later when I read the lyrics I knew I was. First Adam Turla’s amazing voice kicks you down, then Sarah Balliet’s great cello steps on your throat. Get two copies of this, you’ll wear the first one out.

Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever Scott H. Biram

This is stripped-down, one-man-band music at its best, but Time Flies is as slick as anything you’ll ever hear. SHB manages to capture both the grit and melody of Leadbelly, along with some great Hank Williams, Sr. storytelling (though a little “rougher around the edges”). He puts on a great live show, too.

Lil Son Lil Son Jackson

Some (incorrectly) call Lil Son a poor man’s Lightnin Hopkins, but this Texas blues stands on its own and also has a great swamp feel to it. On this record (1960 re-recordings of some of his earlier hard-to-find classics) he gives Jimmy Reed and Slim Harpo a run for their money. It’s a recent Arhoolie re-issue, shouldn’t be hard to find.

Well, I go through turntables like crazy, so I keep a stack of them in a back room. The current one is a Technics DC Servo, next up…?

I go through JBL home speakers and a bottle or ten of Old Overholt.


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