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Heathen Apostles Western Gothic Tour of Europe For 9/21

The first tour dates have been announced for the Heathen Apostles September 2021 European Tour. This Western Gothic tour was booked to make up for the postponed tour of September 2020, with many of the same venues on board one year later. There is still one open date, if you have a venue that would like to book the Heathen Apostles, or know of one, Kurt DeBont at Rootstown Bookings HERE.

Western Gothic tour

Heathen Apostles September 2021 tour:
02/09/2021 Thursday – Kulturrampe, Krefeld, Germany
03/09/2021 Friday – Alter Open Air Stage, Mannheim. Germany 
04/09/2021 Saturday – City Club, Augsburg, Germany 
05/09/2021 Sunday – Private Event, France
06/09/2021 Monday – l’Usine, Genève, Switzerland 
7/09/2021 Tuesday – BlahBlah, Torino, Italy 
08/09/2021 Wednesday – Brasserie de Framont, Grandfontaine, France
09/09/2021 Thursday – Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands
10/09/2021 Friday – available
11/09/2021 Saturday – CC Muze, Zolder, Belgium
12/09/2021 Sunday – The Grand Canyon, Nazareth, Belgium
13/09/2021 Monday – available
14/09/2021 Tuesday – Tortuga, Unna, Germany
15/09/2021 Wednesday – Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover, Germany
16/09/2021 Thursday – Monkeys, Hamburg, Germany
17/09/2021 Friday – Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany
18/09/2021 Saturday – Sonic Ballroom, Köln, Germany
19/09/2021 Sunday – BUSKERfestival, Aarschot, Belgium