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Review of The 69 Cats “Transylvian Tapes” on Punk Globe

 Transylvania Tapes cover The 69 Cats, consist of the vocalist Jyrki69 (The 69 Eyes), Danny B. Harvey (Rockats, Headcat) on guitar and Chopper Franklin (The Cramps) on bass, emerge with the title single of their first EP “Bad Things”. This is definitely a weird kind of supergroup, let’s see what they have created sound wise.
Kicking off this weird and wonderful journey into rockabilly cover madness, comes in the form of “Bad Things” notably from the tv series “True Blood”. From the off the distinct vocals of Jyrki69 are haunting, the guitars are very vintage sounding but make this a very good version. Think along the lines that this could be the theme to a spaghetti western instead of a glittery vampire series.
“Black No 1″ by Type O Negative get the treatment next, after loving they original for many years I find myself grooving along. The creepiness seems to be intensified from the original as the female backing vocals give it a very spooky feel, I think Pete Steele would be proud of this version and be grooving with Elvira or the Munsters.
  The final track to get the 69 Cats treatment is Elvis’s “Flaming Star”, knowing how much Jyrki69 has been influenced by Elvis over the years, this seems to be a good homage to the king.

If you are a fan of the band members involved, you may either love this E.P. Or just think it’s wacky, myself I found myself wanting to groove like a cool cat and can’t wait to hear the full album being recorded in 2014.

Band shot 2014

You can read the review on Punk Globe by clicking HERE.

Final Editing On Heathen Apostles “Before You Go” Video

Billy Clift has begun final editing on the Heathen Apostles’ video for their ballad Before You Go. It will be the first video from their latest release, the Without A Trace EP. Click HERE to preview it. Here are some production shots Billy has sent over.

Mather Band10520512_10152265556027358_7856828075071940251_oLuis

The 69 Cats’ “Transylvanian Tapes” CDs Are In!

The 69 Cats’ debut album Transylvanian Tapes have arrived at the Cleopatra Records offices, see below for some photos of the packaging. The release date is August 5th 2014, you can pre order yours today by clicking HERE.

TT 7 TT 1 TT 2 TT 3 TT 4 TT6

Heathen Apostles Limited Editon Bundle Available

You can now get the Heathen Apostles Bundle which includes a brand-new, autographed Heathen Apostles CD Boot Hill Hymnal. You will also receive a snazzy download card of their new 2014 3-song EP Without A Trace. Also included is this classic Heathen Apostles Pin & Velvet Logo Bag, these are brand new so you’ll be among the first to have one! Click HERE for more info.

Heathen Apostles bundle copy

Heathen Apostles Return To Bar Sinister Aug. 9th

The Heathen Apostles will be returning to Bar Sinister (at Boardner’s) in Hollywood, Ca. on Saturday August 9th. Also appearing is Jason Charles Miller (Godhead), show starts at 9, check Live dates for more info, or click HERE for the Facebook event link.

Bar Sinister 8-14 flier copy

Pre-Order 69 Cats Album “Translyvanian Tapes” Today

The Transylvanian Tapes pre-order has launched today, click HERE to get it on Amazon. Here is the press release and track order:

Transylvania Tapes coverTransylvanian Tapes is the debut album from gothabilly supergroup featuring 69 Eyes vocalist Jyrki rockin out with Head Cat six-string slinger Danny B. Harvey, former Cramps bassist Chopper Franklin, and Blondie drummer Clem Burke!

Includes a guest appearance by the queen of rockabilly herself, Wanda Jackson on a stunning version of Elvis’ She s Not You, as well as other rock classics such as Del Shannon’s Runaway and Dwight Pullen’s Sunglasses After Dark plus Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Duran Duran’s Girls On Film and lots more!

1. People Are Strange
2. Sunglasses After Dark
3. She s Not You with Wanda Jackson
4. Runaway
5. Sweet Transvestite with The Devil s Daughters
6. Edge Of Reality
7. Necromance For Guitar
8. You re My Baby
9. Werewolves Of London
10. Black Cadillac
11. Girls On Film
12. 69 Guitars
13. Bela Lugosi s Dead
Band shot 2014

Heathen Apostles Club Tarantino August 7th Show Announced

Just announced, the Heathen Apostles return to Jonny Coffin‘s Club Tarantino at 3 Clubs in Hollywood on Thursday August 7th! Be sure and mark your calendar, these nights are always a toxic brew of sonic and visual madness!

Club Tarantino 8-14 flier copy

Heathen Apostles’ “Without A Trace” Review in DYNAMITE Magazine

Heathen Apostles
Without A Trace
Ratched Blade Records, EP (Download)
4 of 5 stars







The mastermind of the Heathen Apostles is Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Nick Curran, etc. ). They describe themselves and their music as ” … southern gothic imagery surrounded by haunting, minor-chord melodies, helmed by the voice of a evocative indigo child, unstuck in time … ” Unfortunately there are only three songs on the EP, but they are in a league of their own, Americana at it’s best. Whoever likes Bob Wayne, Hank III and friends, should get these songs.


Get DYNAMITE Magazine HERE (it’s in German).

Review of the 69 Cats’ Viper Room Appearance

A review of the 69 Cats’ April 21st appearance at the Viper Room in West Hollywood has been posted, it is written by Lizzie Rose and features photos by Lexa Vonn. You can read it in it’s entirety HERE.

69 Cats

The 69 Cats are a Los Angeles and Helsinki based Gothabilly band. The supergroup consists of Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes on vocals, Danny B. Harvey of Stray Cats and Head Cats on lead guitar, and Chopper Franklin of The Cramps on bass. Filling in on drums the night of their recent show was Todd T Burr. They returned to their Los Angeles home, The Viper Room for their very first full-set show. I had met and seen the trio onstage on their previous visit back in October 2013, when the band was just starting to fall into place, and I fell in love. Of course, I was not going to miss it this time, so I hopped on the first bus headed to Hollywood.

Why an 8-hour bus ride instead of a 1-hour flight? I’m a hopeless romantic in all aspects of life. Something about hopping on a bus for a show just excites me a little bit more. 8PM finally rolled around, so my friend and founder of The Plastics, Lexa Vonn and I headed on over to the venue. We got there just a few minutes before the boys hit the stage, so we headed backstage to say hello and only found the lead singer Jyrki 69 there preparing to go onstage. We let him do his thing and walked out after him to watch the show from the very beginning. The band got into their own covers of classics such as, Type O Negative’s “Black No.1,” True Blood’s version of “Bad Things,” The Doors’ “People Are Strange” and even a little dark rockabilly cover of Jyrki 69′s own song “Lost Boys.”

It was pretty amazing to listen to their covers. Even a little more interesting was listening to and watching Jyrki 69 sing and dance to Elvis’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” If you’re a longtime fan of The 69 Eyes like myself, you already know what I mean. The man’s voice is hauntingly similar to the King’s, only a tiny bit less sweet. And he’s definitely got moves like Elvis, so it caught me off guard for a moment; I could have sworn it was the King himself singing that song onstage. Finally, they closed the set with their own version of Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” which drove the whole venue wild.

Afterwards, the band allowed fans to enter their backstage dressing room for pictures and autographs. It was a really sweet thing to watch, as not many artists allow such a thing. The after party was held at the Sunset Strip’s world famous Rainbow Bar and Grill. There, fans were able to have a few drinks and converse with the boys. Again, I found that to be really humbling and sweet of them as not many artists do those kinds of things. I personally didn’t really get to spend time with them this time around as I had previously done last time they were in town. I thought the rest of the world deserved to know how sweet these men actually are offstage. Overall, it was a great show and a great night.

You can keep up with the band on their various sites:

Heathen Apostles Shoot New Music Video

The Heathen Apostles have wrapped Before You Go, the debut video from the Without A Trace EP. Directing the video was Billy Clift, who has previously worked with the band on a promo video for their previous release, 2013′s Boot Hill Hymnal. The video should be ready for a Summer debut, here is a band shot from the set.

Before You Go BTS

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